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Through software, content, professional development, open integrations, and an amazing user community, The Instructure Learning Platform makes edtech more personal and student success more equitable.

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Welcome to the Family

As part of our commitment to openness and interoperability, we’re excited to have Elevate Data Sync as part of the Instructure Learning Platform.

Elevate Data Sync

Our Promise

Our goal of improving education for everyone is no small feat, so we're taking a three-pronged approach to help us stay focused on what matters most. Here's how we deliver:

Amplify Teaching

When teachers get support, everyone benefits. We aim to improve instructional practices and technology-enhanced teaching in all learning environments, and to build educator capacity.

Simplicity, flexibility, and ease of use

Professional development at scale

An emphasis on instructional continuity

Support for all teaching and learning modalities

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Elevate Learning

Student success is the result of engaging, collaborative learning experiences. Here's how our platform increases engagement and collaboration for everyone involved.

Compelling course content and regular opportunities for deep interaction

Equitable access and mobility for students, teachers, and parents

Flexible assessment and pathways

Synchronous and asynchronous video learning

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Intensify Impact

Ultimately, the goal is to improve learning outcomes. Our open, intuitive platform offers a reliable learning ecosystem, rich data insights, and clear ways to address individual student needs.

Easy integrations for a cohesive digital classroom

Self-service reports around engagement, performance, and course activity

Unparalleled security and uptime

Digital tools that scale for any size and type of institution

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Instructure Love for Every Level of Learning

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A lot changes between that K and that 12. Our platform supports every student, at every stage, in any environment.

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Higher Ed

Our solutions make educators more effective and students more successful, both in school and beyond.

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To work is to learn. But when work takes extra learning, our tools make it extra intuitive, engaging, and effective.

Join Our Community

Meet our user community: over a million of the most insightful, talkative, learning-loving folks out there.

Quotes from the Canvas Community

Thanks for the gold stars.

Education means everything to us. So it feels extra awesome when Instructure gets recognized by the educational community.

Global Eventex Awards
Award Illustration Women Tech Council 2018 to 2020 Shatter List
Award Illustration Utah Business 2017 to 2019 Best Companies to Work For


  • Global Eventex Awards
  • Award Illustration Women Tech Council 2018 to 2020 Shatter List
  • Award Illustration Utah Business 2017 to 2019 Best Companies to Work For

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